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50 years of the Stones celebrated with mammoth ebook!

The advent of the ebook has no doubt changed publishing and books for ever.  While some will miss the turn of the page, and the touch and feel of a book, they can’t deny that the ebook also presents a great opportunity for fans of niche subjects to really delve into the detail.

This is exactly what has this ebook gives fans of the Rolling Stones.  '50 Years - The Rolling Stones. Views from the inside, views from the outside' by Hanspeter Künzler is a lovingly compiled collection of interviews of the band.  This collection is over 2,000 (two thousand!) pages long and includes reproductions of interviews first published in Rolling Stone, the Daily Mail, and the Daily Express.  And this is only the first part of the collection with part two out in 2013!

What startles looking back through these interviews is how things were viewed at the time  - these are interviews about a band who could only have dreamed about still being together some ten, twenty, thirty, forty or fifty years later.  However, it allows us to see the Stones in a different light, without the historical perspective that we now apply to the band.

The collection also includes some photographic gems from the band’s early years.  Including the picture of Brian Jones playing live at Alexandra Palace, London, 26th of June 1964, the release date of the Rolling Stones hit 'It's All Over Now', included in this post here for you.

The collection is available now in iPad/Phone, Kindle and PDF formats from the lovely  ebook people: 

Photo credit -  (c) Getty Images. Reproduced with permission.

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Why Bill Gates is better than Batman

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(via “Boys and Girls” Promotional Poster | The Hold Steady | Helms Workshop)


(via “Boys and Girls” Promotional Poster | The Hold Steady | Helms Workshop)

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Out tomorrow!

Out tomorrow!

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The future of charitable micro-donations? I think so - find out about Snoball here.